We Buy Books

We Buy Books!

At Stirling Books we buy in books and can perform valuations of single books or collections. Contact us for a free no obligation valuation. For larger collections we can visit you (within 50miles), just contact us and provide some details of your collection and our staff will be able to help you.

We also work in collaboration with Book Donors, a community charity who are a social enterprise, trading in used books to help people, charities and the environment. Click here for their website. When books we buy in cannot be sold online or in the shop they are donated to charity.

Any books we purchase we aim to sell online or in the shop, because of this we are currently restricted with what we are buying in. Books we are not currently purchasing are: Books of heavy weight that would be difficult to post, paperback fiction (unless signed), popular hardback fiction (unless signed), Self Help books and Cooking/Gardening/Yoga etc.