Stirling Books is a second-hand bookshop situated in the city of Stirling, central Scotland, gateway to the Highlands.

We specialise in rare and antiquarian books and Scottish Cultural Press. We also serve freshly brewed coffee, sell an array of unique curiosites and offer internet access.
The bookshop also hosts the occassional book-signing, quiz evening, poetry event and live music.

Comfortable seating is an important part of a rustic bookshop experience so why not take a seat on our shop sofa, order a coffee and relax with a good book!


During this global lockdown our premises will be closed to the public. However, we are very busy behind the scenes continuing to list our thousands of amazing books online! Have a browse through our collection via our ONLINE SHOP listings, and treat yourself to a good read.

Further to this, we have been running a community initiative to bring free books straight to the doors of local people unable to go outside due to the lockdown. We even made it into the local newspaper.

Aaand… old News, but we’re still proud.